Drop-Off Catering Services

Let Us Take Care of Your Next Meeting, Party or Event!

* Medical Staff
* Medical Staff
* Office Meetings
* Training
* Seminars
* Baby Showers
* Office Parties
* Church Groups
* Sales Presentations
* Conferences
* Pharmaceutical Reps
* Any Occasion Large or Small!

The next time you're planning a business meeting or party, call Metro Dining Delivery.
Loading and transporting large trays securely, keeping items hot and/or chilled, then unloading and carrying to your destination can be a hefty job, and time consuming.

At Metro Dining Delivery we specialize in just that!

Most restaurants require 24-hour notice to ensure timely preparation and delivery on larger orders; however some may be available on as little as two hours notice. Serving spoons, dining cutlery, beverages and appropriate condiments are available upon request. Just call the experts at Metro Dining Delivery with your group size or questions.

Want food from multiple restaurants? No Problem!
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Save money and time and get
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Delivery Rates & Fees

Our Delivery Fees:

When ordering from one of Metro Dining Delivery's affiliated restaurants it is the indicated menu price (with tax) plus a modest delivery fee.

For Cash Orders:

Over $40
Between $25-$40
Below $25
$2.99 Delivery Fee
$4.50 Delivery Fee
$7.50 Delivery Fee

When paying by Credit/Debit Card a $1 transaction fee will be applied.

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*A 15% suggested gratuity will be included on all drop-off catering orders, but may be adjusted at your discretion.
Prices subject to change.
Please check your order carefully before the waiter leaves your premises.
Please keep your phone line open so we may confirm your order.
If you choose to pay by credit card, please have your card ready so that you can give the operator your number, and keep it handy for your waiter.
Unless we have your card number in advance, your credit card needs to be present at the time of delivery.
Note: Large party catering orders may require credit card pre-approval before the order is placed.

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