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The Oven - Lunch Menu
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The Oven Lunch Menu
SAMOSAS   Mildly spiced vegetable turnovers. 
	Vegetable $3.50 Meat $4.50
PAPADUM   Crisp, spicy lentil flour wafers. $2
VEGETABLE PAKORAS   Eggplant, cauliflower and potato 
	dipped in spiced lentil batter and deep fried. $4.50
CHICKEN  PAKORAS   Pieces of tandoori chicken dipped in
	spiced chic pea flour batter and deep fried. $4.50
MIXED  APPETIZER   Selection of above appetizers along with 
	Malai Seekh Kabob. Full order: Serves 4 people $13  
	Half order: Serves 2 people $9
SHRIMP PAKORAS   Four jumbo shrimp dipped in spiced lentil 
	batter and deep fried. $8
KHEEMA  CHOLE   Ground meat & chic peas cooked & served 
	with batura bread. $7
CHANA  MASALA   Fried chic peas with fresh jalapenos, 
	tomatoes, onion, cilantro and spices. $7
SPINACH DIP   Fresh spinach baked with paneer, cream cheese 
	and Indian seasonings, served with naan crisps. $7.50
	Mashed chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, & spices w/naan crisps. $6
MULLIGATAWNY  A traditional Indian soup of pureed lentils,  
	flavored with spices and garnished withrice and fresh cilantro.   
	Regular $3.50/ Large $7
All breads served with mint chutney.
NAAN  Leavened bread freshly baked in the Tandoor. $2
ROTI   Unleavened whole wheat bread baked in the Tandoor. $2
POORI  or BATURA  Choice of deep fried roti or naan.  $2
PARATHA   Roti buttered bread baked in the tandoor. $2
STUFFED  PARATHA   Roti stuffed with peas and potatoes. $4
ONION  KULCHA   Naan stuffed with spiced onion 
	& coriander $4
KHEEMA  PARATHA  Roti stuffed with spiced ground meat. $4.50
SHRIMP  PARATHA  Roti stuffed with spiced diced shrimp. $5
KABULI   NAAN  Naan stuffed with cashews and raisins. $4.50
PANEER  KULCHA   Naan stuffed with our own fresh cheese, 
	onions and coriander. $4
GARLIC  NAAN	  Naan spiced with garlic. $2
CHICKEN  TIKKA  BREAD   Naan or roti stuffed with spiced, 
	diced chicken tikka & cheese. $4.50
SPINACH   BREAD  Naan or roti stuffed with spinach, paneer,
	cream cheese and Indian seasoning. $4.50
Served with rice and your choice of soup or salad.
SAAG PANEER  Pieces of paneer cheese, simmered in creamed 
	spinach & spices  $10
SAAG  MEAT    Tender chunks of lamb simmered in 
	creamed spinach, fresh ginger and spices.  $12
	Chicken or lamb cooked in a spicy tomato, coconut milk 
	based sauce.  Chicken $14 Lamb $16
CHICKEN TIKKA KORMA   Boneless pieces of chicken 
	simmered in a creamy curry and tomato sauce.  $13
	Lamb or chicken tikka cooked ina madras curry with rice, raisins, 
	cashews &  garnished with sliced eggs.  Chicken $14 Lamb $16
GOA SHRIMP   Succulent shrimp cooked in a cashew and 
	coconut sauce.  $16
All entrees served with rice, soup or salad.
FISH TIKKA   Boneless Albacore tuna fillet marinated in our 
	Tandoori marinade and cooked in the Tandoor.  $11
TANDOORI CHICKEN   Tender chicken marinated in yogurt 
	and fresh ground spices then cooked in the Tandoor.  
	Full $18/Half $12
CHICKEN TIKKA WRAP   Chopped Chicken 
	Tikka, tomato, cucumber, cilantro and onion drizzled with a 
	mango sauce and wrapped in naan.  $10
ROTI SEEKH KABAB    Spiced minced meat kabab cooked on 
	a skewer.  Served rolled in a roti bread.  $10
RESHMI KABAB    Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in a 
	ginger garlic paste, cooked in the Tandoor & served on rice. $11
CHICKEN TIKKA NAAN    Tandoor boneless chicken served 
	with Naan bread.  $12
MIXED TANDOOR GRILL    Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Shrimp 
	and Malai Seekh Kabab.  $16
All entrees served with rice, soup or salad. 
	Chicken cooked with pureed onions and traditional spices $10 
	Lamb cooked with pureed onions and traditional spices $12 
KHEEMA MATAR    Ground meat cooked in masala sauce with 
	onion, ginger, peas, jalapenos and tomato. $10
GOA FISH CURRY   Tuna fillet cooked in a cashew and 
	coconut milk based sauce. $11
	Highly spiced chicken or lamb cooked in a lightly sour & spicy 
	sauce Chicken $11 Lamb $13
CHICKEN or LAMB BIRIYANI   Spiced chicken or lamb 
	cooked with rice, and cashews. Chicken $11 Lamb $13
All entrees served with rice, soup or salad.  9
GOBI MASALA    A curry of cauliflower and potatoes.
VEGETABLE KATI KABAB    Mixed vegetable curry rolled in 
	a roti bread.
VEGETABLE CURRY WITH RICE    Eggplant, cauliflower, 
	onion, peas, potatoes, green peppers, beans, and tomatoes
	prepared in the curry sauce with Indian spices. 
PINDI CHOLE    Whole chick peas in a spicy sauce, served 
	with poori bread.
SARSON KA SAAG    A puree of mustard green and creamed 
	spinach, flavored with ginger and tomato.
MAAH DAL WITH RICE    Indian black beans and red kidney 
	beans cooked in cream with tomato butter and spiced with fresh 
	ginger root.
BOMBAY DAL WITH RICE   Lentils simmered in onions, 
	tomato and cumin seeds.
MATAR PANEER Handmade paneer cheese, cooked with green 
	peas in a spicy sauce.
Chilled yogurt salaf, prepared w/cucumber, tomato & onion. $3.50
EXTRA  RICE Large $3.50 Small $2.50
	(Vindaloo,  Korma,  Tikka Korma,  Saag,  Palek,  Madras,  
	Makhani,  Masala,  Goa)
	Chicken $4 • Lamb $5 • 
	Paneer $2 • Vegetables $3
LASSI Fresh yogurt drink. (Rose) $3 (Mango or strawberry) $4
TEA Spiced tea, Chai or Darjeeling. $3 per pot
SOFT DRINKS Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Ice Tea $2 
COFFEE   Regular or Decaf $2
JUICE  Cranberry, Grapefruit, Orange or Pineapple. $2
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