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Buster's BBQ & Ramos Pizza Menu
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Busters BBQ & Ramos Pizza Menu - Lincoln Nebraska
MON - THUR/ 11AM - 2AM FRI = SA, I ,M 2Am SUNDAY NOON - 1130AM 
Busters BBQ & Ramos Pizza Menu - Lincoln Nebraska
all appetizers are baked not fried BREADED CHICKEN 
ADD A DINNER SALAD to my entree 1.99 
GARLIC CHICKEN SALAD strips of garlic chicken atop a bed of garden salad, RIBS & FRIES BASKET topped with a our slow-smoked st. louts style ribs In a 3 cheese blend. tomato basket with a mound of fries. and croutons. 6.99 7.99 
ramos famous stuffed breadsticks served with zesty marinara sauce. (2) 2.99 (3) 3.99 (6) 6.99 
GARLIC ROLLS WITH CHEESE italian style bread brushed with our grandiose garlic butter, topped with a 3 cheese blend and melted. (4) 2.99 (8) 4.99 
made with rammAosRoZn RalAdough. baked with grandiose garlic butter and sprinkled with parmesan. (5) 3.99 (10) 5.99 
JALAPENO POPPERS mild jalapenos on the half shell, filled with cream cheese and buttered. 5.99 
PRETZEL Bosco STicKs Hot salted pretzel sticks stuffed with cheddar cheese. (2) piece $2.99 (3) piece $3.99 (6) piece $6.99 
CHICKEN WINGS hot'n spicy, bbq , sweet chili, garlic parmesan, or naked. (10) 8.99 (20) 15.99 
CRISPY CHICKEN crispy bakesdAchii-ciken & a bed of garden salad. topped with 3 cheese blend, tomato & croutons. 7.99 
AVAILABLE DRESSINGS french, ranch, blue cheese, & creamy italian 
Thoroughly cooking foods of animal origin such as beef, eggs, fish, lamb, pork, poultry OR shellfish reduces the risk of food borne illness. Individuals with certain health conditions may be at higher risk if these foods are consumed raw or undercooked. Consult your physician or public health official for further information. 

BREASTS AND FRIES Baked crisp and served with choice of dipping sauce 2 PC (6 oz) $5.99 4 PC (12 oz) $9.99 
MINI PIZZA 7pizza with (1) topping. 4.79 extra toppings. 50C each (BAKED RAVIOLI these crowd favorites are stuffed with mozzarella cheese, then baked 'td golden. sprinkled with parmesan & served with marinara. 5.99 
grilled garlic chicken over a crispy flatbread crust with basil pesto sauce & your choice of artichoke or tomato slices. 6.99 

additional toppings 30C each add extra meat 1.99 each 'THE RAMOS ITALIAN <FEDEFE m smoked ham, salami, pepperoni, lettuce, tomato, onion, mild peppers & creamy italian dressing. served with one side. 6.99 
BBQ BRISKET SANDWICH chopped beef brisket, slow cooked in au jus, smothered in buster's house bbq sauce, served in a hoagie bun with your choice of (1) side. 8.99 
indicates house specialty 
topped with lettuce. tomato & creamy Italian dressing. served with one side. 5.99 
shredded pork, smoked and slowcooked, piled high on a hoagie bun. served with choice of (1) side. 7.99 
PHILLY CHEESESTEAK choice of two veggies (onion, green pepper, mushroom, black olive or jalapeno). served with one side 6.99 
• fries • cajun fries • bbq beans • cornbread coleslaw • potato salad 
• mac n cheese • cinnamon apples • loaded baked potato casserole 
 a' 4fd
Busters BBQ & Ramos Pizza Menu - Lincoln Nebraska

-or [47'144 ,gSM4Z TOPPW °TED stetouvRe pa -OS 0ELow 

13 HP) ytat ()WM 17, azsci  
10 1 topping $9.99 extra toppings $.99 
2 no/um (8 slices) 14 LARGE (10SliCeS) 16 X-LARGE (12 slices) (1) topping pizza. 11.50 (1) topping pizza. 14.50 (1) topping pizza. 17.50 additional toppings (each) 1.39 additional toppings (each) 1.49 additional toppings (each) 1.69 a,R2 efjpogi acyg FAmpsig FuggAg FAIYIOUS 12 MEDIUM FAMOUS 14 LARGE FAMOUS 16 X-LARGE (8 slices) 14.99 (10 slices) 17.99 (12 s(ices) 19.99 
ramoi; original signature pizza, invensted In 1982,this pizza is the perfect blend of sauce layered with cream chees smothered with blend of mozzarella, provolone & cheddar cheeses topped with a generous portion of pepperoni. Priced as a 2 Topping Pizza 

onions, green peppers, mushrooms & black olives. 
CHIPOTLE BBQ CHICKEN chipotle chicken with bacon and onion baked with busters signature bbq sauce and ramos 3 cheese blend. 
BACON CHEESEBURGER just like your favorite burger but made as a pizza. Topped with beef. onions, bacon, dill pickle slices and a hint of mustard. 
PHILLY CHEESESTEAK a blend of pizza sauce, alfredo and steak sauce loaded with cheesesteak and your choice of 2 veggies (onion, mushroom, green pepper, black olive, jalaperio) 'CHICKEN ALFREDO BACON ramos most popular chicken pizza. a must try! 
The title says it all, smothered in our 3 cheese blend 
KAIN'S FAVORITE Brisket, Bacon and Cream Cheese with Alfredo and a slight drizzle of Frank's Buffalo Sauce 

ALL MEAT pepperoni, italian sausage, beef and canadian bacon smothered with extra cheese 
COMBINATION beef, onion, green pepper, pepperoni, canadian bacon and mushroom 
HAWAII FIVE-0 a layer of cream cheese on our famous pizza sauce, then topped with pineapple, canadian bacon and 3 cheeses. 
TACO PIZZA choose from beef or chicken baked on top of enchilada sauce and cheese, then topped with chilled lettuce, tomato and crumbled taco shells. 
CHICKEN FAJITA a salsa base with chicken, onion and green peppers i'uthS-77 topped with ramos 3 cheese blend. Ati4H 
BBQ BRISKET buster's famous chopped brisket atop ram os' fam ous homemade dough, smothered in our 3 cheese blend. if you choose to add cream cheese, we call itthe heart stopper DODGE'S FAVORITE beef, bacon, onion, jalapenos and cream cheese. 
THE GARBAGE CAN more than the works, this pizza is piled high with everything but the *kitchen sink. enjoy an entirely different combination of toppings in every bite! not for the timid. *kitchen sink extra. • add an extra (3,35 or $7 according to size • 
MAC N CHEESE PIZZA Extra cheesy Mac n cheese on Alfredo sauce. Served with your choice of topping (steak, chicken, hot smoked sausage, bacon) 
2 SAUCES pizza sauce • alfredo • bbq • basil pest° sE'r CREAM CHEESE YOuR it's a ramos specialty! roppnvar add it as a topping to any pizza! 
MEATS beef • pepperoni • italian sausage • canadian bacon chicken • bacon • salami • brisket • pulled pork • steak VEGGIES onions • green peppers • black olives • mushrooms jalapenos • artichokes • tomato slices • green olives banana peppers • pineapple
Busters BBQ & Ramos Pizza Menu - Lincoln Nebraska
STEP I Select from Loaded Baked Potato Casserole Or Mac n Cheese 
STEP 2 Choose a meat topping (steak, chicken, hot smoked sausage, bacon, or ham) 
STEP 3 Add your favorite toppings for 99 cents each (see pizza toppings) 
STEP 4 Stuff your face and enjoy! 
Served with 2 Garlic Cheese Rolls 8.99 
gm pira C-001312$ 

B D013ejimERev., 
1/2 RACK DINNER .1/3 rack St Louis style ribs and RIBS & MEAT COMBO slow cooked and fallin off the your choice of meat (pulled pork, bone St Louis style ribs. brisket, or hot smoked sausage) Served with 2 sides Served with 2 sides. 12.99 12.99 
PIZZA & BBC, COMBO FULL RACK DINNER 7 personal 2 topping pizza slow cooked and fallin off the paired with your choice bone St Louis style ribs. (1/3 rack ribs, pulled pork, brisket, Served with 2 sides or hot smoked sausage) 9.99 18.99 
sTER5 • fries • cajun fries , • bbq beans • cornbread SW.' • coleslaw • potato salad • mac n cheese • cinnamon apples '414Ac','1141,■% '■'•*/ • loaded baked potato casserole - 

1/3 RACK OF RIBS & A 7 MINI PIZZA it's the best of both worlds! perfect for those with a hankerin' for both pizza & bbq. 9.99 
1/2 RACK & MEDIUM PIZZA perfect for 2-3 people. starts with a 1/2 rack of our delicious smoked st. louis style ribs. served with a medium (2) topping pizza & choice of (2) of buster's sides. 19.99 
FULL RACK & LARGE PIZZA perfect for 4-5 people. starts with a full rack of our delicious smoked st. louis style ribs. served with a large (2) topping pizza & choice of (2) of buster's sides. 29.99 

rib at combo 
P ASTAr spaghetti& meatballs all served with 2 garlic cheese rolls. AlliPPIr.111111m, add 2 rolls for 99C , ;‘,,- - CREATE YOUR OWN choose your sauce & pasta. 7.99 ai sauce: red or alfredo pastas: spaghetti. fettuccine or mostaccioli add meat topping: 99C italian sausage, beef, pepperoni or ham add a veggie topping:59C green pepper, onion, artichoke, mushrooms, black olives or sliced tomato. 
SPAGHETTI & MEATBALLS the italian-arnerican classic. 8.49 
CHICKEN FETTUCCINE ALFREDO house specialty, fettuccine topped with garlic chicken, creamy alfredo & a three cheese blend. 8.99 add bacon for 99C 

BUFFALO CHICKEN ALFREDO baked spicy chicken on a bed of fettuccine, smothered with alfredo and topped with cheese. 8.99 
PHILLY CHEESESTEAK ALFREDO twist on our house specialty with grilled steak and choice of (2) veggies. 8.99 
PEPPERONI CREAM CHEESE PIZZA PASTA choose your pasta, we'll top it just like our world famous signature pizza. 7.99 
CHICKEN PARMESAN DINNER 6 oz breaded chicken breasts on a bed of marinara and your choice of pasta. Includes 2pc garlic cheese rolls. 9.99 
I. r
Busters BBQ & Ramos Pizza Menu - Lincoln Nebraska

BEAT THE CLOCK MONDAYS from 6-9pm, the time you order is the price you pay. for medium 1 topping pizzas! secret tip: guests wanting to beat the rush will receive the $6 price between Spm & 6pm! 
TWO-FER TUESDAYS 2 medium 2 topping pizzas. 19.99 2 large 2 topping pizzas. 24.99 2 half rack rib dinners. 29.99 
BURGER WEDNESDAYS (11am-10pm) giant, 1/2 lb burger & a side. 4.99 top your burger with all the free thans from our burger bar! add $1 for takeout or delivery 
Pulled Pork Sandwich and a side $4.99 
OREO COOKIE CHEESECAKE just the right size at just the right price. 3.29 
HOT FUDGE LAVA CAKE thick hot fudge flowing from the center of a moist chocolate cake. studded with chocolate chips & drizzled with caramel sauce. 3.49 
%IRS% IT+ )11P7.PZI-AE 
our 7 mini dessert pizza topped with warm apples, gooey carmel, cinnamon & icing. 3.99 

SOFT DRINKS 1.49 coke • diet coke • sprite dr pepper • mellow yellow and root beer
Busters BBQ & Ramos Pizza Menu - Lincoln Nebraska
Ramos Pizza began delivering pizza in 1982 when Ray Thompson, nicknamed Ramo, opened his first shop at 48th & Leighton near Wesleyan University 0 offering delivery and carryout. The Wesleyan < students caught on fast and provided the base of customers needed for success. 4 A second store was opened in 1984 on the SW corner of 27th & Randolph Streets, where new 4 owner Glen Rolofson invented the famous Two-Fer Deal that swept UNL and Lincolnites. Future owner Jeff Dodge got wind of the two-pizzas-for-one-price special and remembers writing many a check to Ramos Pizza during his college career, not having a clue that he would own it years later. That special and the X-Large Pizza with a Six Pack of Pop for $9.99 helped put Ramos Pizza on the map. Ramos Pizza spent 7 years on Randolph Street before moving to 38th and South Streets, near Dairy Queen, in 1991. It's there where the current owner Jeff Dodge took over and Ramos Pizza officially became Slightly Off Normal....On South Street. Normal Blvd that is. Operating on South Street for 10 year, Dodge always had his sights on the Buster's BBQ Location. In 2003, with the help of a group on investors, Ramos Pizza Inc. purchased Buster's BBQ it's recipes and the liquor license and completed the perfect restaurant merge. Both gained much by the merge, Ramos Pizza found a home with a dining room and pub atmosphere, while Buster's BBQ inherited a thriving delivery customer base. 

The fireplace, river rock, pine ceiling, log cabin look and deck overlooking Antelope Creek was Dodge's vision for the building dating back 18 years ago, to 1993. I knew I wanted that location the day I saw Buster's go in there in 1993,says Dodge, and I wanted to duplicate the look of my favorite pizza joint in my hometown of Rapid City, SD. It was a place where my Dad would always take us on snowy days because of the cozy atmosphere and great pizza. So that's our story folks. I'm sure there will be lots to add over the next years, but for now remember that as you read this you're.slightrly off Normal on 48th St.

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